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Debt Collector Harassment

Debt Collector Harassment Collections strategies come in two different forms. Those are debt collection agencies and debt collection attorneys. Of the two, debt collection attorneys are the more dangerous, which is why debt collection agencies sometimes have attorneys on-hand who can file lawsuits. Most of them, however, don’t. They are left with only two tricks…

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Inheritance, including life insurance proceeds, and bankruptcy can prove to be a very serious issue if not planned for correctly. An individual, depending on timing, may have to surrender a portion or all of an inheritance or life insurance proceeds as a result of filing bankruptcy. This article discusses inheritance in the context of bankruptcy,…

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You may have heard of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  And you may have heard of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  But you probably have not heard of a “Chapter 20” Bankruptcy. While not technically a chapter of bankruptcy, “Chapter 20” bankruptcy nonetheless is an important strategy when dealing with very specific financial fact patterns. As I…

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