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Do I Really Need to List all My Creditors in Bankruptcy?

YES!  The simple answer is: Yes.  Some clients will want to file bankruptcy on a select group of creditors (such as credit cards, lines of credit, etc.), yet want to keep a second group of creditors out of their bankruptcy (such as primary physicians, friends, and family).  This post details why it is absolutely necessary to…

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Will People Find Out that I Filed Bankruptcy?

A common question I receive is: “Will people find out if I file bankruptcy?”  This post details who will find out about your bankruptcy, and who will probably never find out about your bankruptcy (unless you first disclose this fact to them). A bankruptcy filing is a public filing; it becomes part of the public…

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Voluntary vs. Involuntary

When it comes to a chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are two options available: 1.) it can be filed voluntarily by the debtor; or, 2) it can be filed by a debtor’s creditors, thereby resulting in an involuntary bankruptcy.  This post discusses both voluntary and involuntary bankruptcies, and when involuntary bankruptcies may occur (which is rare).…

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